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On your most significant day, every detail counts. Essential to your event's ambiance and success, our bar service is designed to guarantee your perfection. Skilled and dedicated, our team ensures that our service not only meets but enhances your celebration's unique style and elegance. Choose excellence and reliability; opt for a partner that adapts to your needs and delivers a seamless and joyous celebration. With no drink shortages, no waiting lines, and continuous service, your perfect moment will have no interruptions. Experience your ideal celebration, just as you envisioned






Your Moment, Our Mission:
Exceptional Bar Experiences

for Your Most Important Day

The bar catering service

your event needs — Ensure Perfection, Avoid Disappointment

Cocktail Bar Hire Algarve

Delivering bar service
to the finest detail


We adapt to what your event needs - a fully tailored service to your event.


Our extensive experience translates into confidence - highly organised service that ensures your peace of mind.


We train and hire bar professionals - a specialized service throughout its entire structure.

Get your quote in 24 hours

Type of Event


Choosing Bartending Project means not just exceptional bar service, but a dream event. We meticulously plan every detail to ensure a memorable experience with superior drinks and impeccable presentation.

For us, each event is the most important one, never just another gathering. We guarantee satisfaction and support you every step of the way for a flawless and memorable event. Let Bartending Project help make your event perfect and risk-free.


Your essence

Your event will showcase innovative techniques and deliver a unique experience that harmonizes perfectly with the essence of your occasion. With each drink served, we tailor every detail to boost the theme of your event.


Efficiency & Personality

Your guests won't be kept waiting for their drinks. Our method allows us to maintain the necessary flow of an efficient bar service and our professionals will adapt the experience to each person. Always keeping in mind the goal of keeping the party spirit alive (whatever it may be!).


You will have access to the complete experience: from the setup and decoration of the bar to the impressive cocktail-making technique of our professionals.


High-end delivery

Your event will feature a bar service that is only matched by top internationally recognized bars. Bartending Project is also a specialized school for bar service at all levels. You can rely on highly specialized professionals, cutting-edge techniques, and carefully selected high-quality ingredients.


A setup that sets the difference

Your guests will be amazed down to the last detail! Topped with white wood and LED lighting accents, our bar setup will not go unnoticed. We've thought of everything, from the glassware to the colour combinations and ingredients in each drink.


Cost transparency

You will be able to precisely comprehend the service you are about to hire, keeping your expectations in the right place. We provide quotations that detail all costs associated with the type of service you need.


Enjoy the party!

Our most important commitment is to allow you to enjoy your event, free from worries! We've been part of a wide range of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate meetings. We have the confidence, experience, and necessary structure for a consistent delivery tailored to your needs.

Cocktails for weddings Algarve
Mobile cocktail bar service algarve


  • We are based in Ferreiras - Albufeira.
    Within our facilities, we have a well-equipped kitchen area where we handle event preparations, offer bar and mixology courses and provide a welcoming space for client meetings as well as cocktails and wine tastings.

  • Our bar services are available in any location within the Algarve region.

  • Our bar services are versatile and can be tailored to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor events, including weddings, corporate functions, private parties, anniversaries and many other occasions.

  • We specialize in crafting custom packages designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

    We offer pre-designed packages just as suggestions that can be easily customized to align with our clients' individual preferences.

    We are fully equipped to fulfill any bar-related service upon request.

  • We provide complete bar services that include equipment, utensils, well-trained staff, a wide selection of beverages, glassware, ice and much more. This guarantees a professional and seamless service that meets our high standards, ensuring we have an adequate supply of all necessary resources to create an unforgettable bar service experience at your event.

  • All beverages are already included in our bar services.

  • Certainly. We can provide any beverage brand at our bars upon request (additional fee may be applied)

  • We offer a diverse range of signature cocktails for your selection and can also accommodate any cocktail of your choice at the bar. The final cocktail selection is confirmed after booking our service and prior to the event date.

  • Typically the menu includes approximately 8 cocktails. 

    This selection consists of 3 cocktails of your choice and 5 signature cocktails recommended by us.

  • Price will remain the same, regardless of whether you have a menu of 4 or up to 8 cocktails.

  • Our service entails prepaid full open bars with unlimited drinks per guest/hour. It guarantees our clients transparent pricing and the ability to offer a diverse range of drinks to their guests, free from concerns about individual drink expenses or lack of stock.

  • We exclusively offer full bar services with both staff and equipment included.

  • It is advisable to book the service as early as possible to secure your preferred date and ensure availability. Nonetheless, we are always ready and fully equipped to deliver our services, even in response to last-minute requests.

  • Our pricing is flexible and varies depending on the beverage selection, number of guests, and hours of service. With this information, we can send an initial proposal within 24 hours.

  • Prices presented in the proposal are all-inclusive with no additional fees or hidden charges. 

"I cannot recommend the Bartending Project highly enough! Teodora and team catered the bar service for our wedding on 4th June in Lagos, Portugal and were amazing! Every guest was commenting on the presentation of the cocktails, the wide variety of drinks available and also how efficient the staff were with serving the drinks. Having a cocktail bar was one aspect I knew I just had to have for my day but when I found out I was pregnant I was gutted because I thought I would be missing out... but then Teodora confirmed, 'don't worry we've got you covered!' And they had every cocktail available for me as a mocktail so I didn't miss out at all! If you're thinking of using the Bartending Project, you honestly won't be disappointed, pricing is very reasonable for the level of service and quality of drinks that the team bring too you. We just need to find our next event so that we can use Bartending Project again!


My Testimonial

"I got this for a private event in a villa in alberferia, they came and set up a full bar and served us unlimited cocktails for 2 hours . It was absolutely the best part of our holiday. The staff were just super . George the mixologist made the most exquisite cocktails .We had 8 different cocktails altogether to choose from . There was editable flowers .and fancy editable paper they really were top class. The whole service from start to finish was superb 👌 . It was extremely reasonable. Thanks so much for making my sisters birthday a night to remember. Also teodara was so pleasant to deal with and always so quick with response to any questions I may of had . thanks Emma"


My Testimonial

We had the wonderful Teodora, Luca and their amazing team for cocktails at our wedding reception. The team worked super hard to set up a bar area on the beach and nothing was too much trouble for them. They are such a fabulous, professional, creative team and their cocktails are incredible!! Our guests were blown away by the quality of the cocktails and their presentation is amazing, better than some top bars in London! We can’t recommend the Bar Tending Project enough for weddings or any event you have. They really made our wedding so very special. Thank you SO much, with love Caroline & Jonny xx


My Testimonial

"We had a really great time thanks to bar tending project - the guys went out of their way to make all our guests have a great day - brilliant cocktails - amazing mocktails for the kids

Thanks again - highly recommend !"


My Testimonial

“These guys did a fantastic job in making all of the guests at my party happy with glasses fully charged, everyone was particularly impressed with the knowledge of cocktails displayed by Luca and his team. Number one drinks catering company on the Algarve!”


My Testimonial

"We had the Bartending Project at our Wedding. They were amazing, Jorge and his team really made the event extra special and were so accommodating! Everyone loved the cocktails! Thanks so much!Thanks again - highly recommend !"


My Testimonial

"Woao não tenho palavras para descrever a excelente qualidade dos cocktails. Não consigo esquecer o facto de um dos cocktails me levar á minha infância. O meu muito obrigado por estarem presentes no nosso dia tão especial!


My Testimonial

"Delicious and beautifully presented cocktails. Super organised and very friendly. Thank you for such a great night."


My Testimonial